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If it’s in the garden, we do it. From lighting, seasonal bedding and turfing, to irrigation systems and tree felling, LandEscape offers an extensive and comprehensive service at affordable prices.

Our extensive list of additional services includes:

Lighting design and installation solutions.

Stump grinding
Stump grinding undertaken for all sizes and shapes of stumps.

Seasonal bedding schemes
Seasonal bedding schemes provide year round colour to tired beds, troughs and pots, especially during the winter months. Bedding is the only variety of planting in the garden that flowers and survives throughout the winter months.
There are 2 x bedding seasons in May and October.

Summer Bedding
These are planted in May and mature over the duration of the summer and include Bizzy Lizzies, geraniums, petunias and trailing bacopa to name but a few.

Winter/Spring Bedding
These are planted early to mid October, the earlier they are planted in October, the more chance they have of flowering before it gets too cold during the depths of winter. This display will be removed and replanted with Summer bedding after the last frost.

Lawns usually account for around 80% of many standard gardens, get this right and you are almost there.
Turfing provides an immediate lawn that is usable within 2-3 weeks after installation. Our tried and tested turfing preparation and installation procedure will ensure a level, well draining lawn for many years to come.

Pressure Washing
The cold and wet weather increases the build up of moss and algae on hard surfaces, chemical application controls this to an extent but the build up will still return. The best times to pressure wash are in January or Feb and then again mid to late summer. The summer treatment will only be required if the weather is wet and warm for the summer. The additional treatment in the summer is dependant on the weather, if it is wet and warm, it will almost certainly be required, if it is hot and dry, very unlikely.

Green Walls or Living Walls
Utilise all the space you have and add another dimension to your garden. Green walls or living walls are the rage at the moment. They bring the garden to you and offer all the same benefits as standard garden beds.
Green walls make a statement and provide sculptural focal points in otherwise dead or unutilized areas in the garden.

Sedum Roofs
Sedum roofs are of enormous value to the environment; they attract wildlife, help to improve the air quality, support biodiversity and reduce rainwater runoff.
A green roof will help to insulate a building against heat and cold and in turn reduce fuel bills and the carbon footprint.
It will also present a talking point for guests and visitors to your home and again provides another dimension to the garden.

Irrigation Systems
Do you spend hours every day during the summer watering your beloved plants and shrubs? Do you regularly lose plants and shrubs during the summer months?
An automated irrigation system might just be what you need to enjoy your garden and not have to worry about watering the garden every night.
Irrigation systems use less water than hand watering, shrubs, plants and perennials will get a measured amount of water and reduce waste considerably.

There are 2 options irrigation system options:-

Tap Mounted System
This runs off the mains water pressure and is connected to an outside tap. You require a minimum of 4 Bar of pressure, in order to irrigate a medium to large sized garden.
Your lawns, borders/beds, hanging baskets and pots will be efficiently watered by a series or black 13mm mainline pipes, 4mm micro pipes and related spray heads attached to these to provide the necessary irrigation and coverage.

Pump and Tank System
If you have a large garden or poor water pressure, this is the solution for you. It requires a pump and tank to be located in the garden to store and pump water around the garden to irrigate to all areas as above.
The tank stores the water and then the pump pumps it out to irrigate the necessary areas, then refills and waters again until the garden has been fully irrigated.

Tidy Ups and Clearances
Do you have a vision to transform your garden without having to fork out for an expensive design? Has your garden or the garden you acquired been neglected or maintained to a very poor standard?
It is all too easy to let your garden mature and become overgrown. Our extensive garden maintenance knowledge and experience will help you to transform your garden and make it come alive.
In a matter of hours (depending on the size of the garden) we can transform your tired, overgrown jungle into something you can be proud of.
Each garden is different so a bespoke schedule of works will be prepared and provided in the form of a quote for your approval prior to any works are carried out.

Tree Work
We can provide quotations for all tree works or works above 4m.
We work alongside a fully insured Arboriculture Company who have been established for over 30 years and will deal with any Tree Preservation Order Applications or Tree Conservation Area approvals as and when required. You can rest in the knowledge that you have got the professionals on hand.

Free quotations are available on request by email or phone at competitive prices.


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